Pro-Life - I believe that life is valuable, even if it is not wanted. I believe that we have an obligation to defend the least among us, born or unborn. Every child has a right to be born.

Second Amendment - The Second Amendment to our Constitution provides free people the means to defend their freedom and to protect their families and property from all threats by preventing the government from infringing upon their right to keep and bear arms. I believe this is a fundamental right of American citizens and I steadfastly oppose any action by the government to infringe upon this right in any manner.

Property Taxes - Taxing property for education places an undue burden on many homeowners, especially seniors. I will work to find a more equitable way to fund quality education for our children.

Expanding Our Tax Base - Our region has experienced a shrinking tax base for decades. This severely restricts our municipalities' ability to provide the services our citizens deserve. The tax base can only be expanded by actively recruiting business, industry, and families to make this area their home. As your Representative, I will make it my priority to grow this region, to make it attractive to new businesses and to industries, and to grow our tax base.

Career and Workforce Training - One of the keys to keeping our talented young people here and attracting new business and industry is to offer a highly skilled workforce. Trade and technical jobs are in high demand. These career opportunities offer family sustaining incomes and a great reason to move to this area. As your Representative, I will work with the Mon Valley Career & Technology Center and other technical and trade training groups to provide job opportunities for our residents and the skilled workforce we need.


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